On this web page you will find basic information to help you navigate OCLS Atrium.

If you have any questions or concerns, or if you encounter any issues, please contact the OCLS Help Desk or an Atrium space administrator!

Who Are the Space Administrators?

Most spaces have a Members section on their home page that features two tabs: Members and Administrators. Click on the Administrators tab to see a list of administrators of that space.

If there is no Members section on the home page, you can access the Member list from the Space Members administration navigation menu. Open the Space Members menu by hovering over the person icon on the far-left of the screen: Screenshot of space member menu icon - small person (bust)

If you don't see the person icon, that means the administration navigation menu is closed. Open it by clicking on the right chevrons in the very top-left corner of the screen: Icon to open admin menu - two right chevrons white on pale grey

How do I Search the Site?

In Atrium, there is only one search bar for the entire website. If you want to perform a keyword search within a specific space, first navigate to that space, then click on the down-arrow at the right end of the search bar, and select "This space" from the drop-down menu:

Screenshot of the search bar with the drop-down menu showing

What is My Dashboard?

Your Dashboard provides access to current information about your spaces that is relevant just to you. Access your Dashboard by hovering over your name in the top-right corner of the screen, and clicking on "Dashboard."

On your Dashboard, there are sections that list the spaces of which you are a member, as well as your tasks and topics. (Note that unless you are a member in spaces that have a Task section or Discussion boards, these sections will be empty on your Dashboard.)

Your Dashboard also provides access to your User Menu, which you can open by hovering over the page icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen. If you click on the pencil icon right beside it, you will be able to edit your Profile:

Screenshot of the Edit and Configure icons in the bottom left of your dashboard screen

See the section on this page about Profiles and User Menus for more info!

How Do I Find My Spaces?

All of your spaces are listed on the OCLS Atrium home page, including public spaces.

Another way to access your spaces, hover your mouse over the Spaces Menu icon in the top-left corner of your screen: Graphic of three horizontal bars (space menu icon)

If you are logged into the site, then a list of recently-visited or added spaces will appear. (If you aren't logged in, a list of public spaces will appear. Most of the spaces on Atrium are restricted to member-only access, but a few of them are public.)

Click on a space that appears in the list to visit that space; or, click on All Spaces or Site Map to see all of the spaces you have access to.

Your Spaces List

There are two tabs on your Spaces list:

Screenshot of the two tabs at the top of your Spaces list: Memberships, and All

The first tab, Memberships, lists all of the spaces in which you're a member. The second tab, All, includes the public-access spaces in Atrium.

The Site Map

The landing page of the site map shows all of the spaces you have access to. Spaces with a green triangle in the top-left corner are public-access, while those with a red triangle are member-access only. You can move down in the map by clicking on a space. If you want to visit a space, click on the eye icon in the bottom-right corner: Drawing of an eye (the icon you click on from the Site Map to visit a space)

Your Dashboard

Your spaces are also listed on your Dashboard. See the section on this page about Dashboards for more info!

How do I Subscribe to Notifications?

Unless the space administrator has changed the default settings of their space, you will not be alerted to any updates or changes that have been made to your spaces. If you would like to receive email updates, click on the "Follow" button that appears below the Recent Activity sections throughout Atrium:

Screenshot of "follow" button in the notifications sections that appear throughout the Forum

You can also follow notifications by clicking on "Follow" in the Configure menu, which you can open by hovering over the page icon on the bottom-left corner of the screen. Note however that if you click "Follow" from any section subcontent (e.g. a subfolder), you will follow the entire section, not just that content item.

What Are Some Key Differences between Atrium and O3?

If you ever used the O3 platform, you might notice these differences between Atrium and O3.


In most cases, only the files/folders were migrated from O3 to Atrium. All of the content, however, has been archived on OCLS' servers, so if you are looking for something that used to be on O3 and is missing from Atrium, please contact the space administrator.

File/Folder Navigation

Note that different spaces have different names for the sections where they keep files and folders, e.g. Documents, Files, and Gallery.

The expandable folder tree that was featured on the Files section home pages on O3 are not available in Atrium. Instead, on the Files home pages in Atrium, you will find the top-level contents (files/folders). To discover the contents of any folder listed there, click on it to open the folder page.

If you would like to see a complete tree of all of the files and folders in the section, visit the section and then click on the link in the breadcrumb navigation at the very top of the page:

Screenshot of the breadcrumbs navigation showing COLLECT > Documents Section

What About My Profile & User Menu?

You can edit your Profile and access your User Menu from anywhere in Atrium by hovering over your name in the top-right corner of the screen. (Your Dashboard also provides secondary access to both of these via buttons in the bottom-right corner.)

Your Profile

There are two tabs on your Edit Profile page: Account and User Info. You can change your password on the Account page. You can upload a picture and write an "about me" section on the User Info page! Please do not change any of the other fields, however, such as your email address, first name, or last name, because we need these to remain static until we have implemented SSO.

Your User Menu

Your User Menu includes links to pages that show your recent activity and content you are following on Atrium, as well as the configuration page for your Notifications Settings (through the "Settings" link).

What about SSO?

The old spaces on O3 was connected to the OCLS website through single sign-on (SSO) functionality, and the new spaces on Atrium will be too! For the time being, you have to sign-in separately to both sites, but we anticipate the implementation of SSO soon. If you'd like, you may change your password on Atrium so that it matches your current password on the OCLS website; simply hover over your name in the top-right corner of the screen, and click on "Edit profile." We ask that you do not edit any field except your password, however, including your email address and your first and last names, because we need these fields to remain static until SSO is implemented.

How Do I Contribute?

If your space is enabled for participation, for instance through comment forms or discussion boards, then you'll be using Text fields. Read about formatting text and creating links below.

If your space is enabled for members to add/edit content, scroll to the bottom of this page for more details.

Formatting Text

Text fields include a toolbar along the top so that you can change the format of your text, but it may be partially hidden. To access the complete toolbar, click on the "Show/hide toolbars" button (the very last one in the row): Screenshot of show/hide toolbar icon in toolbar of Add Text fields

Creating links

If you would like to turn text into a link, click the "Link to content" button in the toolbar. If the URL you'd like to link to is internal, enter the URL into the "Search for content field" instead of the "Link URL" field. A green button will appear that says "This is an internal path." Click on that, and the Link URL field will automatically populate with the system URL. It won't look like the URL that you entered, because that is a URL alias; if you enter the alias, and someone later on changes the URL, then your hyperlink will break.

On the other hand, if you enter the system URL, then when someone clicks on your link, the system URL will load in the web browser address bar. If you'd prefer for the URL alias to show, then you can enter that directly into the Link URL field, but you must then remember to update your link if the URL changes.